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Impressive numbers


Bureau Vertitas is a Global Brand built over 190 years. With a well-functioning global network, it is a unique combination of domestic and international networks in providing tailored services and offers a quick solution when approaching the latest requirements. Consistency and homogeneity in the provision of services.
Global sales in 2018 reached Euro 4.8 billion, with 1,500 offices and laboratories in 140 countries and more than 400,000 customers.
Bureau Veritas Vietnam officially came into operation in 1998. Since its establishment, Bureau Veritas Vietnam has continuously grown significantly. So far, after more than 20 years of development with Bureau Veritas Group, this achievement has been made thanks to the continuous expansion of activities and business services, placing benefits towards sustainable social development.


Bureau Veritas, with more than 75,000 employees worldwide, is a highly skilled staff. Trained and developed technical expertise appropriate to the business culture of the business, are the people of Truth - Trust Maker.
With over 20 years of operation. Bureau Veritas' total human resources in Vietnam now reaches nearly 400 people, with nearly two thirds being technical experts and inspectors with relevant technical qualifications in all industries. Qualifications are recognized by organizations and customers, expressed through knowledge of requirements, standards and broader knowledge of the market in different fields.

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