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Our History


Where we go ...
Founded in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1828, our first Information Office on Marine Insurance was established with a simple mission: to provide insurers with insurance information. Update on common insurance premiums at department stores and provide accurate information on the status of the ship and equipment.
In 1829, we changed our name to Bureau Veritas and published the official logo as "Truth", while announcing the first Registration for 10,000 ships. In 1833 we moved our headquarters from Antwerp to Paris, where the previous branch office was built in 1830.
Our present ...
Over 190 years of operation, Bureau Veritas Group is one of the leading companies in the field of conformity assessment and certification. Through innovative services and solutions, Bureau Veritas helps customers improve their operational capabilities to ensure that their products, facilities and operations are always compliant with the standards and regulations of Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility.
Bureau Veritas is recognized and trusted by both domestic and international organizations.


Bureau Veritas Vietnam is a 100% foreign owned company established in 1998 under the license number 2042 / GP issued by the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam on March 6, 1998.
Bureau Veritas Vietnam provides services in the fields of quality management, safety, health, environment (QHSE) and social responsibility. Bureau Veritas Vietnam operates in key industries including Aviation; Agriculture; Automatic; Construction & Real Estate; Consumer goods; Food; Government Services & Public Organizations; Industrial equipment; International commerce; Information, Telecommunications & Electronics; Shipping; Mines & Minerals; Oil and Gas; Energy & Utilities; Processing industry; Retail; Service; Transport & Infrastructure.
With more than 15 years of operation in Vietnam, Bureau Vertias has gained the trust and confidence of many large and small business organizations and Bureau Veritas has also become a leader in the Conformity and Conformity Assessment. Received in Vietnam.