fire safety


We design and coordinate fire safety strategies from inception to completion


Fire safety engineering is a critical factor in any construction project, but it requires a carefully considered, bespoke approach to deliver the best results. You need flexibility to accommodate the aesthetic requirements of a project, whilst maintaining a robust level of safety for all eventual users of each development.


With a proven track record of providing bespoke solutions tailored for each client, Bureau Veritas delivers a range of fire safety engineering services and provides solutions to all aspects of fire safety design across the construction sector.

Our experienced team designs and coordinates fire safety strategies from inception to completion, taking advantage of early involvement to help bring cutting edge commercial concepts to the design process and deliver cost-efficiencies. A watching brief through the construction stage also ensures late stage design changes are minimised.

We utilise all of the current international technical guidance and tools available and we are at the forefront of legislative change. This enables our team to formulate a more risk-based approach to design, by quantifying design decisions whilst also factoring client requirements such as asset protection and business continuity. We have wide experience in innovative solutions that fall outside of the ‘code compliant’ category, providing a methodology for building design based on the application of scientific and engineering principles.


  • Fire safety strategies compliant with Building Regulations
  • Fully fire engineered fire safety strategies and other associated fire engineering documents
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Fire safety management plans
  • Fire strategy drawings
  • Smoke control calculations using basic zone models
  • Structural fire protection analyses using the Time Equivalency Method
  • Thermal radiation analyses to assess the risk of external fire spread


  • A bespoke approach to fire safety design
  • Tailored building design methodology using innovative design tools
  • Greater freedom for architectural creativity
  • Assistance in developing alternatives to prescriptive codes
  • Integrated construction consultancy services, including building control, fire engineering and construction design and management
  • Efficiency, administration and cost-savings enabled by a multi-discipline consultant
  • A co-ordinated solution with one single point of contact
  • A global network of experienced consultants
  • Innovative approach using the latest technology and online tools to enhance service
  • Gain access to in-house seminars from Bureau Veritas, providing clear, concise and independent information for your teams on a range of issues and topics

In addition, we are part of the Bureau Veritas Group, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification services, with 400,000 clients worldwide and a global network of offices in 140 countries.