Project owner and  EPC contractors count on Bureau Veritas to work hand-in-hand with them throughout the lifecycle to mitigate risks and costs. 


Energy and non-energy clients face numerous risks during the project phases, ranging from employee and contractor safety to asset damage and interruptions to production. Owners need help in managing those risks. A focus on safety, compliance, and integrity is of utmost importance, as businesses aim to avoid accidents, non-conformities, and unplanned delays in project delivery.


We are technical experts in different industry sector bringing them added value for engineering and construction, with a uniquely strong presence throughout the project phase of an asset. We provide solutions from pre-project through design and construction to certification.

  • Project Certification: Assets must comply with numerous regulatory requirements for safety and reliability, with different standards applicable to unit design, operation, and maintenance. Bureau Veritas provides certification services for all kinds of facilities, attesting to their compliance with national and international standards. Our global experts possess the knowledge and technical abilities to provide you with streamlined, cost-effective solutions to your certification needs.
  • Project Construction Supervision: As large capital projects have become increasingly complex and risky, to ensure legal obligations, schedules, cost, and resource constraints, owners request effective project management, reliability, and dependability. To maximize the project's success, it is crucial to identify and fix at the earliest stages potential quality and safety issues. By doing so, you minimize the risks of schedule delays, cost overruns or claims, from design to contracting to final inspections and commissioning
  • Welder Qualification: A WPQ (Welder Performance Qualification Record) or WOPQ (Welding Operator Performance Qualification Record) is drawn up to indicate that a welder is able to weld according to a certain procedure.
  • Welding Procedure qualifications: To indicate that a welding procedure will lead to a proper weld, a PQR (Procedure Qualification Record) or WPQR (Welding Procedure Qualification Record) is drawn up. The welding procedure is tested both theoretically and practically.
  • Design Review: Design Review is an independent assessment of the project engineering phase that can be supplemented with independent analyses, performed by our specialist engineers. The safe design of all types of equipment, offshore facilities (structures and topsides), onshore plants (from refineries to LNG terminals) and pipelines, in standard or extreme conditions (from desert to arctic environment), can be assessed through certification or verification schemes to suit our clients' requirements.
  • Project Management consultancy : to help you plan and execute your projects to successfully meet quality, time and budget objectives.
  • Owner Engineering (OE): Our Owner’s Engineering service reduces risks and ensures greater efficiency and quality in the progress of new projects, renovations and expansions. In order to make sure that all steps are fulfilled as planned, our team operates in an integrated manner with our clients, assuring greater synergy and agility in the performance, monitoring and ,control of construction works. 
  • HSE Site Supervision: Bureau Veritas has accredited bodies or qualified consultants, according to the given local regulation. We deliver safety reports to reflect all the risks of the facilities and operation procedures of clients' plants and manufacturers.

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