Welding Procedure Qualifications

Welding Procedure Qualifications


To indicate that a welding procedure will lead to a proper weld, a PQR (Procedure Qualification Record) or WPQR (Welding Procedure Qualification Record) is drawn up. The welding procedure is tested both theoretically and practically.


Approved welding procedures are necessary in various sectors, such as:

  • manufacturers of pressure vessels and boilers
  • metalworks
  • manufacture of storage tanks
  • pipelines, tubes and fittings
  • material for transport of hazardous substances
  • shipbuilding industry
  • structural steelwork
  • welded structures
  • manufacture of lifting and hoisting equipment
  • scaffolding


The welding method test is carried out based on the standards or technical codes, under the ISO 17020 BELAC accreditation.

The most commonly used are:

  • EN ISO 15614-1 (Steel and Nickel/Nickel Alloys)
  • EN ISO 15614-2 (Aluminium)
  • EN ISO 15614-3 (Unalloyed and low alloy cast iron)
  • EN ISO 15614-4 (Light metal casting)
  • EN ISO 15614-5 (Titanium, zirconium and their alloys)
  • EN ISO 15614-6 (Copper and copper alloys)
  • EN ISO 15614-7 (Coating welding)
  • EN ISO 15614-8 (Tubes and Tube plate connections)
  • EN ISO 15614-11 (Electron & Laser beam welding)


A construction of which the dimensions meet the selected qualification references is used during the test carried out in the presence of a Bureau Veritas inspector.

The customer will provide the work pieces to be welded, and will provide the Bureau Veritas Inspector with all documentation relating to the welding procedure before commencement of the test. In addition, the customer will ensure a safe environment to perform the test with sufficient light.

After welding and recording the parameters, the Bureau Veritas Inspector carries out a visual inspection in order to confirm compliance with the set standard and quality requirements. After a positive visual inspection, further non-destructive and/or destructive tests are carried out according to what is required for the standard.

When all tests have been found to be in accordance with the set criteria, a Welding Procedure Qualification Record certificate can be issued, accompanied by the reporting of the tests carried out and the material certificates.


  • Welders qualification
  • Conformity assessment
  • EN 1090
  • ISO 3834
  • Inspection of welded material