industrial product certification


Industrial product certification enables manufacturers to access local and international markets, thus providing a "passport" for their products.


Industrial product certification services offer several benefits to companies by helping them gain access to new markets, ensure product safety and quality, strengthen their brand reputation, and improve efficiency in the global marketplace.


Our Industrial Product Certification services help clients properly assess their products according to safety, quality and environmental standards, thus certifying them for entry onto markets around the world.

  • ISO 3834 Certification of welding activities

The service proposed by Bureau Veritas consists of assessment and certification of quality requirement of welding manufacturer.

  • EN1090 Certification of welding activities

Manufacturers of steel and aluminum structures must comply with the standard for CE marking: EN 1090-1, design of steel and aluminum structures. This means that companies producing and selling steel and aluminum structures must have implemented a quality management system that ensures and documents that the company meets the specific standards.

In addition to being approved for CE marking, the companies' quality management system (FPC system) must comply with the requirements of the ISO 3834 certification. At the same time, it is an advantage that it meets the requirements of an ISO 9001 certification.

  • CE Marking

By affixing the CE marking, the manufacturer, or its representative, or the importer assures that the item meets all the essential requirements of all applicable EU directives. As a Worldwide Authorized Independent Agency, Bureau Veritas offers conformity assistance with: Construction Products, Containers, Cranes, Electrical Products and Components, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Lifts, MarineEquipment, Materials, Mechanical Products, Process Machines, Pressure equipment, etc.

  • Material Certification 3.2

EN 10204 is a globally-accepted standard with requirements for quality in supplied engineering materials. The majority of material manufactured under EN 10204 is “Type 3.1,” but there is a more rigorous set of requirements known as “Type 3.2” which requires outside verification all the way back to the melting processes. With material often made years in advance of its final use, real Type 3.2 certification can be difficult to manage in normal supply chains.

In most countries, manufacturers of boilers and pressure vessels must comply with very strict regulations and codes in order to market their equipment. This is their “license to operate”. In Europe, USA, India and many other countries, boilers and pressure vessels must comply with the ASME code

  • Inspections and audits for boilers and pressure vessels (PED)

All pressure equipment is volatile and may be misused. The PED Directive complies with designs to recognize this risk and prevent further issues from occurring.

  • In- service inspection

The operating facilities need to be monitored mainternance on time. Bureau Veritas provides a range of solutions to support our clients mitigate the risk of equipment failure:

  1. ISV electrical installation
  2. ISV of lift
  3. ISV of lifting equipment 
  4. ISV of pressure vessel 
  5. ISV of fire safety equipment
  6. ISV of machinery 
  7. ISV of sterilization process

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