We help you assess, plan, manage and maintain the Health and Safety of the workplace.

Construction regulations are complex and with new legislation comes new regulations. Keeping up with the latest requirements can be a difficult and time-consuming task for any construction company.

A complex environment exists on any site with a variety of different contractors working at the same time. There are potential risks on several levels. To protect all the people working on-site, it is important to have awareness of the risks and possible severity must be understood. More importantly, those risks must be proactively identified and solved to avoid accidents.


Bureau Veritas Vietnam combines technical expertise and market-leading systems with unrivaled industry experience to deliver risk and safety assessment services to some of the biggest names in construction.

Through effective teamwork, a consistent approach, and commitment to excellence, our risk and safety assessment control solutions go beyond just compliance. We can help to reduce costs and manage risk throughout the building lifecycle, from design stages through to site inspections and final certification. Our clients can reduce costs, minimize waste, and improve overall facility performance by leveraging our risk management and safety engineering services.


  • Manage construction risk more effectively
  • Determine potential negative factors
  • On-site Construction Safety Management
  •  Safety Evaluate / Audit
  • Compilation of Safety Regulations Management
  • Safety Assessment of Special High-Risk Projects
  • HSE Training