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Quality Compliance Solutions

E-commerce has become an essential component of global shopping in recent years. Buying and selling goods, like many other businesses, has experienced significant transformations since the birth of the internet, and because of the growing digitalization of modern life, consumers all over the world today benefit from the advantages of online transactions.

With over five billion internet users globally, the number of people making transactions online is growing at a rapid pace. By the middle of 2023, retail e-commerce sales had already surpassed 6 trillion US dollars, accounting for more than 20% of total worldwide retail sales, and this figure is likely to climb even more in the next years. (Source: Statista)


Bureau Veritas uses intensive testing and inspection / audit programmes on internet retailers and their supply chains to assist establish confidence to purchasers.

We can offer applicable comprehensive packages to:

  • Capability Check. Assessment of the capability and capacity of suppliers / factories with a quick half-day inspection
  • Smart Product Testing. A smart testing package where we perform a risk-based testing based on BV data
  • Package Testing. Qualified Amazon and ISTA test labs worldwide
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection. Next day inspection services to validate quality, quantity and labels before shipping with same day report and online dashboard
  • Brand Audits. Full suite of social, environmental and security audits for critical suppliers available worldwide
  • Knowledge Management. Provide regulatory market access information with a real-time database of requirements for countries worldwide
  • Anti-Counterfeiting. Full suite of services working with trusted suppliers and partners to verify raw material and components for legitimacy; inspect shipments of goods to confirm quantity and authenticity; control production waste and the disposal of damaged and unusable goods and establish procedures for exit and wind-down operations
  • Authenticity Testing. Supported by a world-class Blockchain solution for apparel products and Isotope testing powered by Oritain

Bureau Veritas' commercial and technical team consists of highly experienced inspectors, auditors, and industry specialists with considerable experience in product assessments, inspection and auditing, regulatory reviews, and advice services.

*Source: E-commerce worldwide - statistics & facts (Statista)