Electrical & Electronics

Electrical & Electronics

More electrical devices than ever before are found in homes, ranging from modest conventional necessities like cookers, kettles, and hair dryers to modern luxuries and comforts like coffee machines, hair straighteners, heaters, lighting appliances/luminaries, and fans.

As well as gear like extension cords, switches, digital video cameras, and wireless devices, home entertainment equipment like Blu-ray DVD players, gaming systems, and smart TVs are also important to take into account.

Bureau Veritas’ testing services also covers lots of other categories like microwaves, blenders and food mixers, powered tools, wires, car batteries, telephones, wireless chargers.

Our technical team will bring customers the benefits of active involvement and professional working relationship with such associations and regulatory agencies as OSHA Nationally Recognised Test Laboratories (NRTL); the Standards Council of Canada (SCC); the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC); and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


  • Verify compliance with worldwide Electrical & Electronics regulations and industry standards

  • Minimize the risk of recalls, returns and complaints

  • Enhance risk management and brand protection

  • Help increase product sales

Bureau Veritas is a knowledgeable global provider of market access compliance support services, helping businesses maintain success in the complex market of consumer electronics and electricals.