Project Certification

Project Certification

Bureau Veritas provides certification services for all kinds of facilities, attesting to their compliance with national and international standards. Our global experts possess the knowledge and technical abilities to provide you with streamlined, cost-effective solutions to your certification needs.

It is essential for project owners and operators to ensure their assets comply with local and international regulations throughout the unit’s lifecycle. Certification is equally important at CAPEX and OPEX stages, helping address risks ranging from fire safety and energy efficiency to unit performance and reliability. To achieve regulatory compliance, asset owners seek certification bodies with strong experience and wide geographic availability.

  • We provide certification to standards issued by numerous bodies, including API, ISO, and Norsok
  • Our type approval and certification demonstrates your offshore assets’ compliance with regulatory standards
  • Our range of expertise in offshore assets (including rigs, FPSOs, FLNGs, process facilities) ensures proper certification of your facilities, regardless of type or prior certification
  • We function as an Independent Verification Body (IVB) for your offshore facilities



Bureau Veritas, a globally recognized leader in certification, provides type approval of new products, helping offshore assets achieve compliance with regulations and quality standards. Our engineers perform design assessment and provide rigorous testing and inspection to assist with type approval.


As an Independent Verification Body (IVB), Bureau Veritas can verify the design, construction, operations, inspection procedures, and maintenance of your offshore assets. Our global team of experts provides verification and validation to all kinds of offshore projects around the world.


We provide comprehensive inspection and certification services for a range of topside equipment, processes, and structures (including liquefaction plants, bridges, flares, modules, and helidecks). This ensures your asset’s compliance with strict statutory and local certification requirements.


Thanks to our wide-ranging technical and regulatory expertise, Bureau Veritas is prepared to respond to all your equipment certification needs. We certify equipment ranging from hoisting equipment and pressure piping, to anti-corrosion technology and rotary machinery.