Project Management Consultancy/ Project Construction Supervision

Project Management Consultancy/
Project Construction Supervision

Guiding construction projects to successfully meet quality, time and budget objectives.


Due to a minefield of regulatory conditions, construction schedules and resource constraints, property projects have become increasingly complex. Clients are now turning to experts to implement a professional project management program that improves performance during the construction phase.

Bureau Veritas delivers a reliable, dependable project management service that identifies and resolves quality and safety issues early, and minimizes the risk of schedule delays and cost overruns.


Bureau Veritas assembles a team with the expertise to quickly anticipate project needs and respond with specific, immediate remedies to reduce delays and disruptions. The same team manages all aspects of construction from beginning to end. You benefit from a project that is built to your specifications and within budget and schedule. Our services can include one or several following items:

  • Permitting application monitoring: we help to ensure that project documents are in conformity with the Building Permit process requirements and applicable local building laws and codes. This can apply to construction, demolition, addition, or renovation projects and may include conformity with the specifications of utilities (water electricity, gas...) as well as change of property use.
  • Design Verification: we perform an independent review of design drawings and technical documents (calculation notes, descriptions, etc.) to report about their conformity with project specifications and applicable codes & standards chosen by the client
  • Schedule, quantity, and cost monitoring we provide an independent and periodic inspection of a set of predetermined tasks related to an estimated schedule, Bill of Quantities (“BOQ”), and costs to inform on the status of achievement or work progress and their consequences and help the Client to efficiently monitor time, quantity and costs throughout the project duration.
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC): we review the Quality Plan and perform inspections throughout the construction process in order to assist the Project Owner in checking the effective implementation of the approved Quality Plan.
  • Construction Site Safety we review project documents and perform inspections related to applicable local Health and Safety standards and codes in order to inform the Client about the implementation of the Health and Safety measures on the construction site during the project duration.


  • Alerts on potential issues or delays;
  • Takes appropriate actions to monitor and solve problems;
  • Respects time and budget targets;
  • Meets required specifications and quality;
  • Avoids loss and liability.