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Bureau Veritas
is selected to perform
a structural safety assessment for
all Zamil steel's factory systems across Vietnam

Aug. 12 2021

At the end of July 2021, Zamil Steel Vietnam selected Bureau Veritas Vietnam to perform a structural safety assessment for all their steel factory systems across Vietnam.

With more than 6,000 steel buildings in Asia-Pacific and 90,000 steel buildings worldwide, Zamil is a market reference. They always set the highest standards for their entire steel production process.

To improve the construction quality of Zamil factory system in Vietnam, Bureau Veritas Vietnam provides optimal methods and international standards for a comprehensive assessment of the structure. It goes from the manufacturing stage, installation to completion with a scale of up to 50,000 m2.

zamil steel Image: Inside Zamil Steel Vietnam Factory (Source: Zamil

A project with structural safety guaranteed by Bureau Veritas will save maintenance costs, extend the lifecycle and usage of the projects. Additionally, the standard ensures the quality and competitiveness of the project in the international market.

Structural safety assessmentImage: Bureau Veritas inspectors are conducting structural safety assessment of Zamil Steel Vietnam factory

Bureau Veritas has the experience to undertake civil and structural engineering services with nearly 200 years of experience, worldwide presence, and considerable experience in all sectors. We bring the values of an independent third-party certification body as fairness, transparency, and objectivity. Our rigorous standards provide a comprehensive assessment of the structure before bringing the project into operation. Our standards support many businesses by saving maintenance costs and extending their project's lifecycle.

Our advanced methods help businesses to shorten their inspection time while ensuring international quality standards. Bureau Veritas Vietnam is committed to providing a team of engineers with the highest expertise, supporting Zamil in quality control, upgrading the factory, towards sustainable and long-lasting values.