TRT World Rice Conference 2021

Join us at World Rice Conference 2021 in Dubai

Nov. 29 2021

Bureau Veritas is honored to be a sponsor of the TRT World Rice Conference 2021 on 7-9 December 2021, organized by The Rice Trader at Le Meridien Hotel & Conference Centre Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 


The 13th TRT World Rice Conference 2021 in Dubai for the first time offers physical with an online option, as travel restrictions and movement vary from place to place. 

The presenter and analysis will highlight the market trends and challenges in which the pandemic has been a strong influence on markets while helping you to possess a clear vision on how to anticipate the change for the year to come. This remains a well-timed event that is held in a market that is fully dependent on imported rice, while the latest developments will be analyzed, as the 2021/2022 season for exports starts to gain in pace. On this occasion, Bureau Veritas will showcase our expertise and leadership in the rice market. 


Bureau Veritas offers a comprehensive “Farm-to-Fork” service helping to minimize risk throughout the entire supply chain. Our global network of state-of-the-art laboratories and qualified inspection staff is well placed to support you with a complete suite of product-related services, providing unique risk management solutions and peace of mind.

In Vietnam, we are an active player in the agri-food commodities industry from import to export shipments of all agri-commodities, fertilizers, feed, and crops. With more than 20 years of market experience in inspection, testing, certification, we input to maximize control and manage risk at every link in the supply chain from production to finished product. We help you to ensure transparency and traceability of the origin and quality of your products with the mission to support responsible use of natural resources, environmental practices, social and animal welfare.

Bureau Veritas is a proven leader in rice inspection, testing, and fumigation. We own a network of experienced inspectors, fumigators, and laboratory technicians. Our local experienced graders and execution teams ensure representative sampling and grading of your shipment. 
No matter where an assignment may be, we blend our local and international resources to ensure a quality assured, and cost-effective service. Our involvement is tailored to your needs and geographical location. 


TRT World Rice Conference 2021 is for the global rice community and the many allied industries that support the production, transport, trade, and consumption of rice.

• Rice Millers

• Grain Merchandisers

• Exporters

• Traders

• Rice Brokers

• Freight Brokers

• Commodity Surveyors and Inspectors

• Procurement Officials, Importers, and End Users

• Shipping Industry Officials (Liner and Bulk)

• Government/Trade Representatives

• Fertilizer Suppliers

• Individuals from the Sorting/Milling/Machinery Sector

• Collateral Managers

• Trade Financiers/Commodity Trade Financiers

• Marine/Cargo Insurers

• Legal Specialists That Support the Rice Trade

• Regional Rice Associations/Government Bodies and Institutes


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