Eco-design and Energy Performance Testing for Electrical and Electronic Products

Conducting an energy efficiency test serves to validate that electronic equipment complies with standards for energy-related products. This test measures the energy consumption of devices during operation, standby, and when in the off mode.

EU Energy-Related Product Directive Testing

Our global laboratories possess the capability to quantify the energy or water usage of a product. Moreover, the results can be utilized for comparing the life cycle costs of your product against those of your competitors, offering a rationale for positioning your product at a premium price point.

Energy Star Testing

Energy Star necessitates that all products included in the program undergo validation of their energy performance by an EPA Recognized Certification Body and testing lab before receiving product labeling. In contrast to the existing Energy Star Program, manufacturers are no longer allowed to voluntarily mark their products as meeting energy efficiency requirements. This new Enhanced Testing and Verification procedure aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, facilitate consumer identification and purchase of energy-efficient products, promote increased usage of such products, and ultimately deliver energy and cost savings.

Bureau Veritas is now equipped to provide our partners with Energy Star testing services. Additionally, as an EPA Recognized Certification Body, we are capable of offering Energy Star Certification services and stand as one of the largest Certified Bodies for Energy Star Lighting. 

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