Bureau Veritas CPS– Electrical Laboratory Hochiminh City Acquires CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL)


Bureau Veritas CPS– Electrical Laboratory Hochiminh City Acquires CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL)

Jun. 13 2024

On May 28th, 2024, Bureau Veritas proudly announced the attainment of CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL) certification for its Ho Chi Minh Electrical Laboratory, becoming one of the few minority laboratories in Vietnam and the first laboratory in Ho Chi Minh City to acquire the CBTL certification for testing electrical products.

The Certification Bodies Testing Laboratory (CBTL) is under the responsibility of Laboratoire Central des Industries Electroniques (LCIE) as the National Certification Body (NCB). The approval enables the Ho Chi Minh Electrical Laboratory to conduct testing within the IECEE CB Scheme for specific product categories and standards. This enhanced capacity and capability will serve our clients with electrical product testing requirements more effectively and assist them in solving complex and variable national and international regulations.

The CBTL approval enables the laboratory to acquire multiple national safety certifications using a single CB Test Certificate and Report, speeding up the process and minimizing trade barriers resulting from varying certification requirements across different countries. A CBTL approval is globally recognized as a symbol of quality.

By having a CB certificate, manufacturers can rely on Bureau Veritas Lab's test reports for international certifications, avoiding the time and expense of retesting products in each market. This can streamline the certification process and reduce manufacturers’ costs.

Lab Capabilities:

  • Certification CB Scheme, TCB, NRTL/SCC, CE, GS, NF
  • Performance/ Function: Reliability/IP, OTA, Energy, Battery Life, APP
  • Conformance/ Interoperability: GCF/PTCRB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa
  • Advisory: Engineering Services, Global Approvals, Smart Services

Mr. Nicolas Ribes, General Manager of Bureau Veritas CPS Technology in South and Southeast Asia commented,

"Our lab's electrical testing technology is truly groundbreaking. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of our electrical testing systems is optimized for efficiency, safety, and reliability. Our commitment to highly trusted electrical technology testing sets us apart and enables us to push the boundaries of what's possible in development endeavors."

Learn more about our approval on IECEE CBTL Testing 
And IECEE CBTL Listing: https://www.iecee.org/