Sep. 30 2020

 Decision No. 2169 / QD-BKHCN dated 7/8/2020

According to Decision No. 2169 / QD-BKHCN dated 7/8/2020, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced TCVN 12940: 2020 Cakes and TCVN 12941: 2020 Plastic cakes by the Technical Committee of National Standards TCVN / TC / F18 Sugar, honey and starch products compiled.

Accordingly, for baking cakes and sticky cake, the use of sugar must meet the requirements specified in TCVN 6958 or TCVN 7968 (CODEX STAN 212); Wheat flour must meet the provisions of TCVN 4359 (CODEX STAN 152); Cooking oil must meet the provisions of TCVN 7597: 2018.
In addition, the ingredients of animal and plant origin used for baking (beans, lotus seeds, mushrooms, lard, meat, seafood, eggs, honey ...) must meet the requirements for quality and safety for use as food.

This set of standards also applies to all businesses that import baking cakes and sticky cake. Accordingly, not only moon cakes, but cakes such as: sticky rice cakes, Pía cakes, cereal flour cakes ... can also apply these TCVN.

With this set of standards, businesses will self-declare and be responsible for the quality of their products. However, the introduction of a new set of standards for baked goods and cakes will also help regulators have a facility to check and manage moon cake production more easily, and to achieve The ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of consumers

HOW Bureau Veritas HELP YOU

In order to accompany Customers to learn and meet the above requirements, Bureau Veritas Certification will support your business with the following services:

  • Procedures for self-declaration of products according to TCVN 12940: 2020 and TCVN 12941: 2020
  • Sampling and testing products
  • instructions for product labeling