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Vessel Pre-purchase Inspection services

Reduce the business and technical risks you face when buying or chartering a pre-owned vessel.

Business challenges

Buyers of pre-owned vessels are aware that there can be hidden defects or problems in the vessel. Therefore, they opt for pre-purchase inspections of their acquisitions before investing in the asset.

Our approach

A pre-purchase ship inspection service in Vietnam includes inspecting the running gear, hull’s health, the machinery of the deck, cargo spaces, and other vessel machinery and equipment. A typical pre-purchase inspection usually involves examining the vessel visually followed by reviewing its performance records. After the vessel is inspected properly, you will receive a certified report with which the inspection will end. Based on the inspection report and condition of the vessel, you can assess the commercial viability of your acquisition.

Key benefits

A pre-purchase inspection is carried out as it helps the potential buyer to make an informed decision. The assessment provides an independent evaluation of a vessel and helps the buyer to demonstrate the vessel’s operational reliability. In addition to this, the inspection also assists in the early identification of deficiencies which aids in maximizing the vessel’s use and minimizing unplanned maintenance.

Why choose us

Bureau Veritas provides a professional pre-purchase ship inspection service in Vietnam for the pre-purchase assessment of pre-owned shipping assets. We have a large team of inspectors who are strategically located in all ports in Vietnam, allowing us to deliver the service with high efficiency. We provide standardized inspection reports which bring reliable and accurate assessment of vessel conditions to our clients. Therefore, if you wish to assess a shipping asset before investing in it, connect with us today.