Bureau Veritas được lựa chọn là đơn vị tư vấn giám sát cho dự án nhà máy điện rác Bắc Ninh


Bureau Veritas selected as the construction supervisor for the Bac Ninh waste power plant project

Jan. 11 2022

Bureau Veritas continues to affirm its professionalism and capacity in the role of construction supervision by participating in the project "Bac Ninh waste power plant" - a key project of the collaboration between Japan and Vietnam to solve the problem of environmental pollution. In terms of social significance, this is a project that the Governments, Ministries, and localities of the two countries are very interested in thanks to the application of modern and advanced technology in the world in waste treatment.

Bureau Veritas – the supervision consultant for Bac Ninh waste power plant project

Bac Ninh waste power plant project has a total investment of 58 million USD with a solid waste treatment capacity of up to 500 tons/day. This key project marks the cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in efforts to reduce environmental pollution around the world after the friendly visit between Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and the Japanese state in the last November 2021.

The project is applied advanced technologies, requiring the most rigorous and strict standards. The supervisory unit mobilized for this project must have the qualifications, skills and experience in line with the strict requirements of the Japanese partner enterprise. With the common goal of bringing a green building, contributing to minimizing the negative impacts of waste on the environment, T&J Green Energy Co., Ltd. has chosen Bureau Veritas as the provider of construction supervision service for the Bac Ninh garbage power plant project because of our professionalism, in-depth experience in the field of supervision consulting as well as the prestige of the corporation.

Image: Bureau Veritas is honored to become an independent monitoring unit providing construction supervision service for the Bac Ninh waste power plant project.

In particular, Bureau Veritas Vietnam will take charge of all stages of management from design review, control all construction activities and materials, equipment to ensure quality, health, safety, and environment (HSE) for the Bac Ninh waste power plant project. We are proudly participating in this project and committed to accompanying T& J Green Energy Co., Ltd on their journey toward sustainability.

The prestigious construction consultancy in the race with investors on reducing environmental pollution

The population explosion is posing many challenges for the infrastructure to develop along with the level of safety and reliability. This is also Bureau Veritas' opportunity to ensure large-scale construction and infrastructure projects are completed on time and on budget, optimizing maintenance costs and extending their lifespans. We handle the entire scope of construction management, helping you complete every step on the way. We are proud to own a team of highly skilled engineers and experts who have participated in consulting and managing thousands of large and small projects in Vietnam and abroad.

On a global scale, our clients are renowned hotel, retail, industrial and banking groups. In Vietnam, Bureau Veritas is one of the leading companies in the field of Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) for all fields. With our vision as a social enterprise, we are uniquely positioned to support our customers' needs for compliance, safety and sustainability around the world.

Our experts have extensive experience in educational, residential, commercial, industrial, and other related projects of all sizes and complexity. With our expertise, we are capable of tailoring specific solutions to each customer's needs and meeting safety, environmental, social responsibility, and product or service quality challenges throughout the value chain.

In addition, Bureau Veritas helps governments and companies around the world achieve their Carbon targets by managing energy consumption and reducing emissions through a series of standardized industry approaches. Bureau Veritas not only brings the highest standards to every project we undertake but also strives to improve operational efficiency through its commitment to energy-saving, greenhouse gas emission reduction, and sustainable development.

Solutions to turn waste into electricity

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, on average, about 35,000 tons of urban domestic waste and 34,000 tons of rural household waste are generated every day in Vietnam, however, currently, the waste has not been maximized its use to turn into a source of energy for life.

The methods of treating domestic waste in Vietnam are still quite rudimentary such as burying, burning, or composting. Although these methods help reduce the burden of domestic waste in the short term, in the long term they are not economically viable, easily affecting land, water, and air resources.

In Vietnam, there are a few waste treatment plants in this form, of which Bac Ninh waste power plant has a capacity of handling 500 tons of domestic waste per day; power generation efficiency 11.6 MW. The project is expected to add about 100 million kWh/year to the national power grid, starting construction in January 2022 and expected to go into operation in the fourth quarter of 2023.