Asiana riverside_bureau veritas vietnam_tu van giam sat


Gotec Land group chose Bureau Veritas Vietnam
for the supervision of the Asiana Riverside project

Aug. 31 2021

Despite all the Covid-19 challenges from the current situation, we have once again, proven our commitment to being the partner of Trust of our customers. We are determining in performing and supporting our customers to develop buildings and infrastructure that are high quality, profitable, and compliant with environmental and safety regulations. We help investors and developers to deliver residential, retail, and leisure buildings that are both profitable and in line with end-user demands thanks to our project management and supervision consultant leadership.

Bureau Veritas Vietnam - the supervision consultant and project management for the Asiana Riverside project

Asiana Riverside project belongs to Gotec Land Group, one of the top 10 real estate developers in Vietnam. Asiana Riverside is a high-end project located in a prime location on the frontage of Ben Nghe Street, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. This project has an area of ​​10,076 m2, 2 blocks, 21 floors, and convenient traffic connectivity.

Asiana riverside_bureau veritas vietnam_tu van giam sat

Photo: Asiana Riverside project of Gotec Land - Bureau Veritas Vietnam is the supervision consultant  

Gotec Land has the ambition to create a high-end real estate project and worthy experiences in a sustainable green living space for their residents in Saigon. For this reason, they chose us as their partner of trust to manage and supervise the project. We will help them to build sustainably and remain compliant with all regulations from start-up through handover. Bureau Veritas Vietnam has also introduced strict standards and methodical planning in the entire process from design, construction to quality management, which promises to bring success beyond expectations for Gotec Land’s key project.

Asiana riverside_bureau veritas vietnam_tu van giam sat

Photo: Bureau Veritas Vietnam’s engineers are performing construction supervision and quality control.

Bureau Veritas Vietnam - reputable project management and supervision consultant

Bureau Veritas plays a key role in meeting the needs of fast-growing populations. We support clients’ needs for compliance, safety, supervision, and sustainability worldwide.

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Photo: Our value proposition in the building and facilities services.

Our clients are the world’s most prestigious hotel, retail, industrial, and banking groups. Bureau Veritas owns a team of highly skilled professionals and engineers who have participated in consulting and managing thousands of projects worldwide, from small to large scale.  In the Vietnam market, Bureau Veritas provides the testing, inspection, and compliance (TIC) services for construction that our customers need to plan and manage their major building and infrastructure projects.

Bureau Veritas Vietnam is committed to meet all the expectations set by the owners. At the same time, we are committed to applying modern standards and the most advanced methods to support Gotec Land in construction supervision and project management to build a high-class, safe, aesthetic, and sustainable condominium in Saigon.