The construction supervision consultancy to FPT Hai Phong


Supervision construction for FPT school projects in Hai Phong 

Jul. 6 2021

At the end of June 2021, Bureau Veritas Vietnam was honored to receive the trust of FPT Corporation to sign the construction supervision consultancy contract for the construction project of FPT Hai Phong Secondary and High School.

As one of Vietnam's leading companies in technology and education, FPT sets extremely strict standards when choosing a partner to build a project to incubate the country's talents. As part of the FS School system that has been established for a long time, FPT Hai Phong Secondary School and FPT Hai Phong High School continue to bring the most modern equipment and facilities, serving thousands of students. Not only in the city of red phoenix flowers but also from all over the country.

For more than 190 years recognized as the world's number one corporation in testing and inspection, with a team of highly qualified experts, Bureau Veritas Group with the mission of "Shaping A World Of Trust” is proud to have brought our mark to millions of green buildings worldwide. Inheriting a solid foundation from the parent corporation, Bureau Veritas Vietnam is committed to using its resources to the fullest, supporting FPT to build sustainable projects, proudly accompanying the development of Vietnamese education. “