Factory Audit Services

Factory Audit Services

Working with your Vendors to Improve Quality


In today's competitive consumer market, retailers and buyers need vendors who can partner with them to meet all aspects of production, from design and quality to product life cycle times and delivery requirements. This can be a challenge, as there are many factors to consider when selecting and managing vendors.


What is a factory audit ?

A factory audit is a systematic review of a factory's production capability and performance against proven quality principles. The key criteria assessed are the factory's policies, procedures, and records, which indicate its ability to deliver consistent quality management over time, rather than at a specific point in time or for certain products. The core areas and processes addressed by a factory assessment include:

1. Quality Management System
2. Good Manufacturing Practice (Factory Environment Standards)
3. Product Control
4. Process Control
5. Personnel

What are the key benefits?

Our factory audit services can help you in the following ways:
• Evaluate the capabilities of potential new vendors as part of your vendor selection process.
• Identify the key strengths and weaknesses of your existing vendor base so that you can optimize your quality assurance spending.
• Monitor and track progress over time to ensure that quality is being driven throughout the manufacturing process.
• Provide data that can be used to determine the nature, extent, and timing of your other quality interactions.


Our factory assessments are designed to help retailers and vendors collaborate and improve performance by providing detailed results that clearly identify areas of strength and opportunity. In today's market, as retailers and buyers seek to select successful new vendors, reduce the number of vendors to more manageable levels, and promote relationships that improve overall performance, our assessment services provide an effective and unique approach to selecting and enhancing relationships. We offer the following:

Best Practices Approach: Based on our expertise performing factory evaluations for a variety of US-based and worldwide retailers, we have established a 'best practices approach' that will save you time and money in developing and sustaining an efficient factory assessment program.

Modular Approach: Bureau Veritas' portfolio of modules enables us to tailor the factory evaluation to your requirements while keeping the uniformity that comes from rigorous audit processes.

Experienced Auditors: Our auditors are given in-depth training in areas such as interpretation, auditing procedures, report writing, audit planning, integrity, and consistency.

Strong Integrity & Ethics Program: With a reputation for strict ethical guidelines and well-trained auditors, we maintain an active and dynamic training and integrity program that is managed by a dedicated integrity team, in order to minimize the risks of corruption and to educate auditors, factories and clients regarding our integrity policies and expectations.


Experience & Efficiency: We actively provide factory assessments to major US based and global retailers. Based on our experience, we offer you a “best practice” approach that leverages the knowledge of our team of experts.

Global Resources: With locations around the world, we can assess the factories of your vendors where needed.

Technical Knowledge & Leadership: Our auditors receive specialized training and use detailed protocols and operations to deliver a first rate service. All findings positive and negative are supported by documented objective evidence.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: Our reporting system tracks results over time and between vendors, allowing you to monitor progress, identify vendors of preference and drive quality throughout the manufacturing process.


What type of report will I receive after the factory assessment is completed?
You will receive a summary report and a score card report that will include both an overall score and rating per section, highlighting key strengths and areas needing improvement. Our objective is to provide measurable results to both vendors and retailers as they work together for shared success.

Can the factory assessment be customized to my industry?
Yes, you can select from several industry specific tools that we have developed to provide a more valuable and relevant assessment. We have Capacity and Capability Modules available for:
• General Hardgoods
• Apparel
• Furniture
• Footwear
• Toys
• Home Textiles
• Electrical Products

Our Reasonable Testing Program and Hazard and Risk Assessment supplements help focus these modules for regulated or higher risk products.