ONESOURCE Suite Monitor with Confidence


Monitor with Confidence

A corporation's ability to maintain and improve the operation of its supply chain depends on having efficient global access to business intelligence data.
The consumer product regulatory landscape is constantly changing, with new or revised regulations and standards being produced on a regular basis. Understanding and being aware of these compliance standards is crucial for making strategic company decisions such as entering new geographic markets or releasing a new product line.


Bureau Veritas' OneSource Suite is an online quality and knowledge management solution that allows our clients to access critical information and customisable reporting in one location. This means that both product and supplier sourcing and quality can be efficiently handled.

As a result, it is an exceptionally cost-effective method of monitoring quality assurance programmes, understanding product and vendor performance, and tracking sample progress.

We recognise that in today’s rapidly changing global consumer and regulatory landscape, companies don’t simply need more information – they need better information. Bureau Veritas experts have built a portfolio of Knowledge Products to complement this, including tailored advising and training services.

Powered by our Information Resources Center (IRC), our Knowledge Products provide businesses direct access to solutions developed by our Global Regulatory Specialists. This team has extensive experience in regulatory and industry-related subject matter, including country specific requirements, product labelling information, and market trends.

Its primary benefits allow businesses to:

•    Undertake useful data mining tasks
•    Understand complicated regulations and standards in relation to specific products
•    Monitor legislation to stay informed of important changes
•    Enter new markets with confidence


OneSource Regulations is one of the Bureau Veritas Knowledge Products and offers an industry-leading database for consumer product regulations and mandatory standards. 

This powerful new tool, available on the OneSource platform, delivers regulatory information for locations all over the world depending on product type and makes thousands of study hours available at the press of a button.

Information in the database is continually updated to provide timely and current requirements, while customised access allows you to view only the countries and product categories you need. Meanwhile, powerful searching mechanisms allow you to further analyse the requirements that exist in the system.


In today's fast-paced world, the supply chain must be used to gain a competitive advantage. It is critical to be able to instantly communicate information across global supply chains and collaborate towards higher efficiencies.

To achieve these goals and effectively manage quality assurance, it is necessary to have access to critical information such as supply chain performance, product and supplier status reports, and business intelligence data.

OneSource Orders provides transparency for the supply chain, with the ability to assess vendor performance, benchmark performance against peers, and communicate to improve QA/QC sourcing spend and focus.

Its helpful features include:

•    Order tracking
•    Service report delivery
•    Business intelligence
•    Product and process disposition
•    Audit management

The OneSource Orders platform enables in-house efficiency savings through features such as service report delivery and product disposition.