Independent verification service (IVS)

Independent verification service (IVS)

Verifying your asset integrity.


The trend for regulators and multi-national oil companies to move from prescriptive forms of safety  regulation to goal-setting approaches is resulting in changes in the way that operators manage their facilities. Under these new approaches, the operators themselves now define the performance standards that facilities must achieve within an overall legislative framework.

The approach requires owners/operators (duty holders) to identify Safety Critical Elements (SCE) and  Performance Standards (PS). They must then operate and maintain each facility ensuring that the  desired standards of performance are achieved throughout its entire lifetime from design to  decommissioning.


What is Independent Verification?

Under a goal-setting approach to asset integrity, verification involves independent and competent scrutiny of safety-critical elements throughout the lifecycle of the installation or facility. Following a  written scheme, the verification process examines a facility’s safety critical equipment and the associated operator programs of inspection and maintenance and assures that performance standards are achieved and maintained.


The independent verification activity provides confidence to the operator and the regulator in the suitability of risk management measures. It also confirms that the operator’s arrangements for operation and maintenance are delivering the level of performance as defined by the performance standards.


Bureau Veritas is an industry leader in the development, delivery and maintenance of verification schemes (written schemes) through all phases of facility lifecycle:

  • design of new facilities;
  • operation and modification;
  • decommissioning.

Our sample-based approach allows efficient coverage of the safety-critical elements while retaining focus on the most important items.

Bureau Veritas also offers MAIA+ – a web-based solution for workflow management, document storage, reporting, management of findings, and production of statistics. This powerful management tool enables a live view of the status of verification activities – inspections, witnessing and review activities. The tool is customizable to meet contract needs.