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For offshore floating units, a reliable station-keeping system is one of the most important facilities to guarantee safe operation for oil and gas exploration activities. Spread mooring systems are designed to keep structures like semi-submersibles, FPSOs and offshore wind turbines floating, despite combined forces such as wind, waves and current. Under the same conditions, Dynamic Positioning devices can enable the dynamic station-keeping of ships and offshore units.

Comprehensive and accurate assessment of station-keeping systems must be performed to ensure adequate structural strength in harsh weather. Tough conditions can lead, for example, to chain connectors clashing with riser bend stiffeners. The material of mooring components can be steel chain, steel wire ropes or synthetic fiber ropes, which must be designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and fatigue damage for their entire life.

Over the past two decades, Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore has accumulated extensive experience and gained unique insights into mooring systems and DP systems from design to operation.

We provide technical consultancy services related to the analysis of station-keeping systems including static, dynamic analysis, strength checking, fatigue analysis, heading analysis for turret, spread mooring and any kind of temporary mooring systems. These services are performed using advanced numerical tools (i.e., HydrostarAriane) developed by Bureau Veritas, and external software such as Orcaflex and Deepline.

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Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore performs strength and structural analyses to check the maximum mooring line tensions and vessel fatigue under extreme environmental conditions. Our Ariane software conducts thousands of short-term time domain calculations for fatigue analysis in just hours. Our analyses include all sources of fatigue damage (wave frequency, low frequency, high-frequency tension, etc.), and our services cover the design of new mooring systems, as well as support for future operations.  



Two major issues arise when performing analyses of dynamic positioning systems: ensuring the propulsion control system achieves high efficiency and accuracy, and that it fulfills demands produced by the DP system. To assure this, Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore has integrated DP models into Ariane, providing a fast, accurate DP system analysis.