Inspections and audits for boilers and pressure vessels (ASME)

Achieve compliance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR)


In most countries, manufacturers of boilers and pressure vessels must comply with very strict regulations and codes in order to market their equipment. This is their “license to operate”. In Europe, USA, India and many other countries, boilers and pressure vessels must comply with respectively the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), the ASME code and the Indian Boiler Regulation (IBR). The boiler and pressure vessel equipment must be certified by an independent notified body to ensure compliance with all regulations.


What are Inspections and Audits for Boilers and Pressure Vessels? Bureau Veritas’ boilers and pressure vessels inspections and audits adhere to international regulations and technical specifications. These inspections and audits establish the requirements for: Manufacturer certification Component manufacturing Quality assurance Assembly Equipment design Final testing Materials used for manufacturing equipment In Europe, countries such as France, Spain, Italy, UK, the Netherlands, Portugal, etc. notify Bureau Veritas for all types of equipment. And only one country notification is required to be allowed to deliver notified body services worldwide. In addition, Bureau Veritas is recognized as an “Authorized Inspection Agency” under the name of OneCis (a subsidiary) in the USA, and is recognized in India as a “Competent Authority” and an “Inspecting Authority”.

Bureau Veritas being established globally as a notified body, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturers can benefit from a “one-stop shopping” solution. They can get comprehensive statutory services across their whole supply chain – from design and manufacturing to on-site assembly –, which is key to ensuring reliable and efficient compliance.


  • Services are delivered by highly qualified and trained engineers.
  • A centralized project management team supports field teams throughout services delivery.
  • A reliable web-based data gathering tool is used for reports and certification.


  • Notified body for most industrial countries.
  • Know-how of different regulations and codes of design review services performed by specialized Technical Centers, located in close proximity to manufacturers’ headquarters (France, UK, Germany, Italy, USA, China...).
  • Network of qualified inspectors able to check boilers and pressure vessels in 60 countries.
  • A world leader in ISO 9001 certification Bureau Veritas can assist manufacturers in implementing a global quality program which leads to ISO 9001 certification.
  • Cost effective synergies - Bureau Veritas is also notified for directives relating to ATEX, low voltage and electromagnetic compatibility