Vendor Inspection/ Assessment

Vendor Inspection/ Assessment

Use our Technical supplier audit to qualify your supply chain and run your business with efficiency

Purchasers, whether they are business owners, operators, contractors, or engineers, are facing a variety of new constraints and challenges managing their supply chains, including local regulations, global industry norms and communication hurdles due to language and cultural diversity.

Proper supplier risk management has become critical for purchasers as:

  • Deadlines have become tighter for quality and timely delivery of products or services.
  • Adequate quality and schedule controls are essential.
  • The cost of surveillance is on the rise.

Bureau Veritas’ role is to collect information about your supply chain and assess the quality of work execution. We can help you identify an innovative and cost effective way to qualify your supply chain so that, as a purchaser, you’re able to establish confident trading relationships and maintain them.

Our supplier and technical assessment service is a proven methodology for successfully identifying quality suppliers who will help grow your business.


We provide technical supplier assessments as a decision tool to help purchasers make good decisions when coping with supplier qualification challenges. This assessment helps with considering your suppliers’ capabilities to manufacture specified industrial components as well as their capacity as service providers.

Bureau Veritas provides 2nd party assessments, based on customised on-site processes that are focused on your suppliers’ technical executions. Supplier technical assessment requires a wide network of qualified personnel across continents to properly assess manufacturing processes, including the types of products and offered services.

Our technical assessments encompass QHSE and CSR matters at the same time, leveraging the most value from output.


  • The clarity to make well-informed supplier qualification decisions.
  • Confidence to trade in specific geographical regions with suppliers.
  • Fully tailored assessment plans.
  • Achieve cost effectiveness through a supplier qualification program.