Drone inspection services

Drone inspection services

The cost-effective way to improve the safety, speed and accuracy of your inspections


Infrastructure and facilities require frequent inspections to ensure safety and integrity. But detailed inspection, condition monitoring and assessment present major technical and health and safety challenges. Manned inspection at height or in confined spaces can be costly and dangerous, as well as causing interruptions to business operations.


  • Drone-assisted inspection by Bureau Veritas is a safe, cost-effective solution to the challenges posed by traditional inspection. Drone inspection solutions range from visual photographic surveys to more complex inspections such as precision agriculture and gas emission multispectral analysis.
  • Bureau Veritas drone inspection solutions are customized to client needs and local constraints. Our large drone operator network enables us to offer professional drone inspection services worldwide. We work with our clients to establish the right approach, select the best technical solution and carry out the inspection using experienced pilots and the latest technological solutions. Finally we deliver accurately processed data, analyzed by a Bureau Veritas expert, in the format required by the client.


Our drone inspection services are used across a wide range of sectors, from oil and gas to power, shipping and agriculture. They are suited to infrastructure assets and facilities including tall buildings, bridges, chimneys and columns, platforms, confined spaces, and very long pipelines or high voltage power lines


  • Safe - Reduce the risks associated with inspection by minimizing human access to dangerous locations such as elevated or confined spaces
  • Accurate - The accuracy of drone collected information surpasses standard human visual ability – and the technological capabilities of onboard sensors continue to improve
  • Cost-effective - Save time and money by reducing the need for site preparation (scaffolding, rope access, or environment sanitization of confined spaces)
  • Go further -  Drones enable scrutiny of locations that were previously left uninspected. Ease of use also opens the door to new inspection strategies


  • In-depth knowledge of regulations and our clients’ industries.
  • World leader in testing, inspection and certification
  • Technical expertise in 140 countries
  • Agile worldwide network of local drone operators