Design review

Design Review

Providing confidence that your design achieves regulatory and best practice standards


Design review is an independent review of the design intent of an engineered system or process, as defined by documented standards. The scope of review will normally include structures, vessels, pipelines, and safety systems.

The review process also aims to identify errors or failures in the design or operation of the engineered systems and processes. Bureau Veritas technical centres provide two types of systematic design review according to your clients; either a 100% appraisal of the design against relevant design standards or a verification (sampling] review against standards defined by the facility operator. The latter is based on the goal setting approach which originates with UK safety case regulations and verification against Design and Construction Regulations (DCR) and Prevention of Fire, Explosion and Emergency Response (PFEER). 


  • Provides confidence that your asset design is compliant with well-proven standards
  • Your asset is compliant with guidelines that draw on the best-practice experience of the oil and gas industry
  • Where design review is required by regulation, a certificate is provided as evidence of compliance
  • By confirming that the design is based on best practice standards, the review also contributes to demonstrations that risks are As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)


Our Technical Centres for design review services are established in strategically important oil and gas locations worldwide. Bureau Veritas is recognized as an industry leader in design review.

Our teams have high levels of technical competence with monitoring and assessment that is open to scrutiny. The international network of Technical Centres shares knowledge and experience to ensure that the right specialist advice is always available.

The service is also supported by a secure online management information system MAIA+ which allows
clients to monitor the status of the review in real-time.