Site Inspection or/ QA/QC Services

Site Inspection or/ QA/QC Services

We conduct complete site inspection of your facility

In the oil and gas, power, utilities, and chemical sectors, projects across up, mid, and downstream involve the procurement, receipt, off and onsite storage, assembly, and commissioning of equipment and materials.

For this complex process to run successfully, integrated industrial facilities, bringing together a vast amount of equipment, both partially and fully manufactured, supply from many different manufacturers located around the world.

Functional quality and operational safety are fundamental requirements for industrial assets and critical to your project’s success. We assure complete assembly and integration of onshore and offshore industrial facilities, oil and gas pipelines, compressions stations, and much more.

Integration to your project specification is a paramount priority for us. Our site inspection services will help you ensure quality and operational safety throughout your project lifecycle in compliance with both local and international standards.


Our site inspection encompasses verification of all materials and equipment delivered to your construction location, whether this is a fabrication yard, construction yard, or site of installation. We support you through every step of the assembly process, from testing through to commissioning. Our third party Inspectors will ensure:

  • The receipt of materials and equipment on site is controlled, and properly stored and preserved on or off-site, prior to assembly.
  • Any shipping or handling damage is identified and rectified.
  • Verification and supervision of on-site fabrication activities, installation processes, testing, and commissioning of assembled plant or facility equipment.

You can determine the extent of inspection that’s right for your site. We provide customised solutions, including full-time for all tasks, or as-needed residency for specific tasks.

We maintain a stringent qualification and control scheme to ensure site inspections are performed to the highest standards by qualified inspectors.


  • Materials and equipment: ensure that materials and equipment being integrated into assembly are in accordance with the project specifications following receipt on site.
  • Correct documentation: receive in the intended condition from leaving the manufacturer's works with the correct documentation for plant maintenance needs.
  • Safeguard correct on-site handling from receipt through to installation.
  • Secure correct integration and installation for safe and correct functioning.